Featured Professionals

Nehemiah Mabry

Bridge Design Engineer, Simpson Engineers & Associates; Founder and President, STEMedia

I work for a firm that designs, inspects, and analyzes bridges. There are different purposes for why bridges exist. It could be for a stream crossing, or suspension over some larger body of water. There may also be grade crossings such as the overpassing of a highway or railroad. There is also a lot of trigonometry involved in determining the appropriate alignment of bridges.

Gayatri Adi

Technical Specialist, Advanced Dynamic Systems & Controls, Cummins Inc.

I am a controls engineer and my job involves making sure that engines run efficiently without producing excessive emissions. For a controller to be developed, the first step involves understanding the rate of change of several variables. If we are trying to control air flow required for diesel fuel to burn, we have to understand how fast or slow the air flow changes in the system.

Karla Fuhs

Senior Controls and Diagnostics Research Engineer, Cummins Inc.

Being able to mathematically describe and model real physical systems is a powerful tool in helping understand how the world works, and how we can improve the things we make and use.
In Advanced Dynamics Systems & Controls, we use mathematical models of engine behavior to develop algorithms and control systems for the engines so they can burn fuel more efficiently or reduce the amount of harmful emissions produced.

Erin Guerra

Professional Engineer, Texas Commission on Environmental Quality

I review requests for alternatives to state supply requirements from public water systems. My work is valuable because I help to produce, treat, and deliver drinkable water to people all over Texas.